Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back To School

With school starting shortly {can you believe summer is almost over???}, there are a few things that I needed to have done.  I have to admit that I'm a little anxious for the beginning of school.  Mornings are going to be super crazy in this household!  {As if it wasn't already right?}  Well, it just might get a lot crazier!!!  With the 2 younger munchkins being dropped off at daycare by 7:15am so that I can drop my 1st grader to school for 8:05am {18-20 mins. drive to school}, it's gonna be a race for punctuality :)  I was a little overwhelmed with my back to school "to do" list!

First off, I needed to go through all the kiddos clothes and get rid of what didn't fit and put aside what could be reused.  Now that that was done, school shopping needed to happen and let me tell you IT HAPPENED and a few trips to the store later I was broke :)  I still need a few things for my little man, but the girls are set!  I was so excited to get to do some shopping in Quebec and I got a ton of things 50%-75% off.  LOVE those savings!  I'll have to come back with a few pictues of my favorite outfits!

As to shoes...I might have gone a little overboard with my oldest.  I just have this thing where I can't have her wearing shoes that don't match with her clothes {and I love clothes and shoes}!  That's just me :)  So now she has 2 new pairs of shoes, 1 new pair of sneakers and 1 new pair of boots {to wear with her skinny jeans}.  I figure that not all is lost as Amellya always wears her big sisters shoes once they don't I do get double the use out of them!  {Rationalizing my purchases, can you tell?} 
Twinkle Toes: Peekaboo - Party TimezJumping Jacks Kids - Balleto - Veronica (Toddler/Youth) 

Both the girls got these :)

Amellya'a pick!

So in an effort to be as organized as one possibly can for "back to school", I had so much on my "back to school" to do list:

1. Clean Closets     X
2. Buy new clothes   X
3. Buy new shoes     X
4. Buy School Supplies     X
5. Weekly outfit organization method     X
6. New lunch boxes
7. Labeling all school items (so glad I hadn't done it yet...just found out about name bubbles!)
8. New routine sheets for kids    X
9. New lunch menu sheet (binder)
10. Hair accessory organization

I'm slowly getting there!  I thought I'd share my newest creation {nothing to write home about}.  I just get so excited to cross something off my to do list and I get overly excited when I complete a DIY project {however little it may be}!  So in order to speed up our mornings, I thought we could pick out a weeks worth of outfits {including socks and hair accessories} and get them all ready on the hanger.  A little designing with publisher a great {borrowed} hot laminator and some scisors!  Here are my daily labels for the girls:

One for each day.  We can put elastics on the hanger, barrettes can be clipped to the little sign, headbands can be put on the hanger as well.  As for shoes, they'll be put in our entrance cubby the night before. So now when the girls wake up, all they have to do is grab the hanger and get dressed!  Sounds silly but I'm sure we'll be saving at least 5-10 minutes of choosing/complaining each morning.  Well, enough with all this creativity. lol

I still have a ton to do before we're ready...I don't know about getting mentally ready!  We're going to Disney next week with the kiddos, one last trip before school begins!  I'm hoping to get everything done today and tomorrow.  Let's see how my plan works for me :) 

Wishing you all a fantastic Thursday :)


  1. Hi Jen! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. | hope your kids have a great school year. My kids went back on Monday!

    1. Thanks! My kiddos are so excited! Pre-K and first grade :) Hope your kids have a good year as well.