Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here I go... after some serious thought I figured I'd make a list here of what I have in mind for the near future.  All the projects that I've had on my "to do" list for a while now.  As I finish each project, I'll cross it off and show pictures whenever possible.  I think accountability puts this girl into action rather than procrastination :)  So here it goes for the 1001 projects I'd like to complete:

1- Paint and reorganize/decorate children's playroom
2- Paint my soon to be craft/exercise room and get all organizing things in place (after I figure it all out of course!)
3- Start Project Life for my 3 children (Saw this on The Sunny Side Up blog and LOVED the idea)
4- Rearrange/Organize my walk in closet (which is in desperate need of a lift me up)
5- Put together the art wall for my children's creative concoctions
6- Add some finishing touches to our now finished 3 season room.
7- Make some picture canvas' for our living room (you know...the ones they show on Pinterest that are so amazing!)
8- Organize all of my pictures (SOOO Overdue!)
9- Make Cushion for our entrance bench
10- Redo the children's Chore Chart

So here are the top ten on my list...  Of course many of these have more than one component and will take longer to actually accomplish but nontheless, I put them out there for all to see.  I'm hoping along the way I can get some great ideas from others.  Today probably won't be that productive of a day since I have company arriving shortly for lunch...  I will still try to at least cross one of these off my list by the beginning of next week.   

I think I'll start by making the Art Wall for the kiddos.  It seems there is no real place to display there beautiful creations.  I bought three clipboards this morning thinking I would go with something like this (found on pinterest of course):

I'm thinking I'd like to cover the clipboards with some pretty material and glue a cute little wooden strip on the clip part with each children's name on it.  We'll see how good I can do with that.  I love crafts...but have to admit I don't that there isn't much creativity flowing in this body...quite the challenge I know, but thanks to Pinterest and all the awesome blogs I've found I should be able to achieve something....{I hope} :)

So the idea is that from this day forward, I'll give an update on which project I'm working on and what has been accomplished.  I'd also like to get a cleaning checklist going on at some point.  Don't you dread all the cleaning and picking up???  I know I do!  Unfortunately it has to be done and no good fairy will do it for me.  I figure if we all post our list and check back in at the end of the day Friday to give an update we'll all feel that much better about doing it.  Isn't there something to be said about doing things as a group???   How good I feel when all is crossed off the list and I'm ready to move on to something better and bigger!  Well on that note, I am off to get some cooking done before my guests arrive....

And just an FYI:  I figure I'll give you a fair warning...I may use this blog for some much needed venting every once in a while.  It will sure be cheaper than therapy!!!  You can just tune out when that happens :)


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