Day 1 our our 35 day stay...

So we woke up quite refreshed and wondering was awaited us downstairs since last night was dark and we couldn't see outside.

The kiddos are up by 5:20am since it's light out...why not right???   What an AMAZING view we have...20' of glass doors that open on to a patio that surrounds the infinity pool with 180 degrees ocean view...Can you say EXCITED!!!  What a wonderful sight to see first thing in the morning.  We could hear the growling of the monkeys, which, I must admit, was a little scary.

  So we eat a little something we got at the grocery store on the way to the house last night and decide we're gonna drive around a little to look around.  Well, off we went with the 3 kiddos and my mother in law.  We drove, and drove, and drove, and drove... up the coast and around and then decided to go check out Nosara which is a town 25 minutes or so (so the man said) where we could find groceries and all.  We were warned there were a few creeks to cross and so we cross the first "river" because here in Costa Rica, they don't have bridges for the gazillion creeks/rivers they have.  We get to the second and it's this monsoon of a river with a very obvious strong current of brownish reddish waters that is carrying along branches, tree trunks and more.  So there are 3 other vehicles that are driven by locals from which is a pick up truck with 4 passengers inside and about 7 in the bed of the truck which included a boy about 7.  So everyone is assessing the depth and current of this river and seeing if it's safe to go through or not.  So this truck with all these people in the bed decides to go through and LET ME TELL YA....there was ALOT of water and it WAS SCARY!!!  

So my husband being the man that he is, says "if they can make it so can we" and I turn around and say "hell no"!!!  The other vehicles there are also deciding to turn around and come back another day since you can go to Nosara from where we were via another route but it'll take you 3 hours versus the 25 minutes.  So we turn around.  Another vehicle of locals comes to the river with some younger people, so my husband stops again and we wait to see.  One of the guys in the SUV gets out and does what locals do...he walks the river to assess the current as well as the depth.  Well he had water up to his but!  So I guess we were smart to turn around :)  So we decide to go home and make with what we got for dinner.  What a long day :)

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