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The "Wacky" 5!
Hi everyone!  I am Jen,  a mother of 3 who recently discovered the world of blogging through {where else} Pinterest!  I love everything from traveling with my family to organizing, cleaning, photography, scrapbooking {...if only I had more time!}, cooking and would love to learn how to sew.  I'm always looking for an innovative-creative way to reorganize or decorate our home.  Having a full time job with 3 rambunctious children sometimes makes things a little more challenging...  I'll probably be posting some great ideas found somewhere in the internet world, I hope to get some great ideas from everyone reading, and hopefully I'll have a few genius moments myself!

Our home is filled with craziness, disorder, screaming children and tired parents!  It's also a home filled with love and laughter which makes up for the rest!  My life is about my family and I wouldn't have that any other way.  Although very energetic my children are the most amazing gift life has given me and for that I am thankful.  I am also thankful for my wonderful husband who I often forget to thank for just being him :) Having a perfect home is a dream of mine...but not very realistic!  For now I'll take the few instances where it seems to be almost there :)  The children keep me quite busy when they are home and I must say my baby boy takes the prize when it comes to destruction.  He is the best at what he does...I can already see some of his daddy in him.  
 I'm borderline OCD...or maybe I'm over the line OCD...not quite sure!  I love things to be organized and pretty...although that doesn't always happen for me.  I have days when it seems as though I'll never be done with my looonnngg to-do list and then I just add more!  I don't think I'll ever be done, but I'll do my best to have fun trying :)  Hopefully you'll find this blog interesting enough to pass along!

  Feel free to contact me via email.  I'll do my best to respond promptly :)

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  1. Hi Jen, thanks for visiting Call Me PMc, what's the best way to follow you and I'll return the follow? do you like blogging so far? I kind of started it from being on Pinterest as well that and all my friends asked for recipes all the time. Looking forward to reading more.