Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30 Days to finding your blogging voice...

Here I am at the beginning of my blogging "career" :)  {career...makes it sound so professional} haha Not so much of a writer and probably not that interesting...but I'll get there!!! :)  Nonetheless, I've enjoyed this short lived endeavour and hope to get better as time passes.  

I found this awesome blog Hip2thrift where Iuliana has started a 30 days to finding your blogging voice post.  Sounds so cool and well...I'm looking to refine my skills {or lack of...} so I thought I'd hop on the wagon and join in!  So I'm a little behind since she's already on day 4 of this great challenge.  I'll start with day 1 and work my way up....

Day 1: Childhood bedroom

I remember my room having these two wallpapers; stripes and hearts...cheesy I know but it was the 80's  and it was in style;). I must admit I was pretty licky...I had my own bathroom in my room{ which I came to enjoy during my teenage years}.  I also had the room with the balcony which I was so petrified of.  The paranoid thoughts that weent through this kids mind were pretty surreal!  "What if someone climbed on the balcony from the deck below and broke into my room through the locked slider ???". I'm telling you I was one paranoid kid!  Actually...come to think of it, I'm a prett paranoid adult ;).  A little off track here...  Back to my bedroom, I had this wooden bedroom set with the oh so awful gold hardware which again was stylish back then.  

I wasn't the barbie/doll type kid.  Me and my cousins mostly drew or just talked...we're girls we had a lot to discuss! haha

My room was definitely my haven from about 12 to 16.  I came home, went to my room to watch TV and talk on the phone hours on end, went downstairs, grabbed dinner and ate in my room.  What were my parents thinking???  I can definitely say that my children will never have a television in their room {if I ever want to see them}.  So those are all the great memories I have of my childhood bedroom.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to show you the "pretty" {can you hear the sarcasm???} wallpaper!

Day 2: Describe your most annoying facebook friend.

This is a harder one...I don't go on facebook all that much but I do have to admit that I HATE all the stupid {my opinion here} games; farmville and all the others I didn't bother to read!  You know when you get 100 alerts a day about something ridiculous that really has no interest whatsoever!!!  I can't really delete them from my friend list because they're family and I feel badly.  I just want the game requests and the calendar requests and all the " you were red bull girl today" alerts to STOP!!!  Ok, so I think you all got the picture right?  I don't want to hear about the games, the questionnaire you supposedly answered about me {because you really don't know me that well!}, and all the other annoying requests you may have!   Now that that's off my chest, I feel much better. haha

Day 3: Write about what you're wearing on your feet, if anything.

I have to admit this is probably the strangest thing I will have written about in my entire life.  I've written some weird stuff, but this beats it all :)  I have my laptop on my lap and I'm writing this post with nothing on my feet but my worn off black nail polish.  This is the first time that I've worn black nail polish.  I usually go for the french manicure or a flashy shade of pink.  I am in desperate need of a pedicure.  My heals are cracked and not so pretty to look at right at this moment.  Between work, the kiddos and house duties, a pedicure is pretty much the last thing I have time for.  I am not a big fan of feet to be honest with you.  I don't really like my own!   There's something about toes that just doesn't do it for me.  I've rarely seen feet and say " wow, nice feet".  I'm more the type that'll notice the crooked toes and the ugly nails.   I usually have my slippers on around the house, but love to kick them off while typing away at the computer :)

Strange writing exercise...can't believe I'm actually going to post this.  I hope this really does help better my writing skills!!!

I'm almost caught up with Iuliana...YAY!  So I'll add day 4 to this post tomorrow and then I'll just write a post per day once I'm back on track with everyone else.

Well, I'm off to sleep as 4:30am is going to come pretty quickly!!!  Good night everyone.   


Ok...I'm catching up slowly but I'll get there :) 

Day 4: What do you wish grew on trees?

I guess the first thing that comes to mind when you read this sentence is "money"!!!  Who wouldn't want that??? But in all honesty this would probably create more problems than anything else.   So once I stopped to truly think of what I'd like to grow on trees, my answer would without a doubt be health or a derivative, cures for deadly or even lifelong diseases...when I hear the horror stories of children {and adults}finding out they have either a commonly known disease or something rarely seen, my heart goes out to them.  I can't imagine what these people and their families go through.  I am thankful each and every day for the health that we have.  Alright, I do complain when my kiddos get sick, but then I see something far worse and am grateful that my children are otherwise healthy.  There can't be anything worse that being helpless to the ones you love, nothing that you can do or say to make their pain go away.  If health/cures grew on trees in the form of remedies in a pretty little instruction manual, wouldn't that be awesome???  I know, I know....this kind of thing won't happen, but for the sake of this writing exercise I'll put my thoughts on paper...or web I should say :)  Well enough with all this sad stuff, I think you get the picture.  What would you like to have grow on trees?

Day 5: Write about nature.  Use the words; hard drive, stapler, car, phone, billboard.

Nature to me, is the one place you can go to relax and recuperate .  Don't get me wrong I'm in no way, shape or form suggesting that we go camping in a tent or anything.  I like nature but not that much :)  There's something about the serenity that one can find out in the middle of the woods! {In a cabin of course}.  I think we all need a little time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday life.  No technology; turning the phone off, leaving your computer at home {or just smash the hard drive}, parking the car and leaving it aside to just soak it all in.  I think nature and all it has to offer is definitely soothing.  Taking a stroll through the wooded path where you won't find any billboards or bright lights to distract you from your thoughts, breathing in the fresh air that's not polluted. 

With all the stress we deal with each and every day, I think there is no better place to just refuel the body.  All you need is the necessities and off you go!  The only thing you may want to bring is some paper, a sharpie and a stapler, in case someone gets lost :)  

Well, that was my expose on nature!  

Day 6: 

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