Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Fun!

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a fun filled weekend and that you're ready for the week to begin...well...are we ever ready for the week to begin??? {I rarely am}  This weekend was a little hectic my way as I had some realtives over and spent most of the time entertaining and enjoying some family time.  Now that didn't get me much further with all my projects, but family time is always the best and my projects will still be here tomorrow.  They left this morning and I must say this afternoon was EXTRA productive :)  I'm so excited when I get to clean my chaotic household.  There something about organizing and cleaning... and having it stay that way.  Unfortunately for me those instances are few and far between because usually my very energetic 21 month should I say...DESTROYS any cleanliness there may have been:)  Yesterday afternoon my kiddos got to work outside with Daddy while I got to bring my house back to order.  I also got to start my walk-in closet organizing and have moved a few things around.  Love the feeling of having some progress to note. Then it was onto my Sunday ritual...or what I would like to have become my ritual.  I love starting the week knowing that all is in order and that all is planned.  I got the idea of a home binder from Jen over at iheart organizing {LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog by the way!!!}.  Instantly fell in love with the idea of planning my week ahead.  Never thought it would be so helpful but I have to say it has made some parts of our week easier.  I've also began couponing as much as I can in order to save some dineros.  So for those who are interested, here are a few items that are in my home binder:

1.  Meal planning (which is such a huge time saver).  
2.  The kiddos lunch menus for the week
3.  Clothes for the week (kiddos)
4. Grocery list (After reviewing coupons and meal plan for the week)
5. Shopping list for miscellaneous household goods
6. Household chores to complete this week
7. Any projects that need some attention
8. Fitness goals for the week

What I love about a family binder is that you can tweak it as much as you want to customize it to your family's needs.  The one thing that I've done is that I've laminated each master page of each section.  This way no more wasting paper!  I use expo vis-a-vis markers and voila, a greener binder:) 

Once this is complete I always feel that much better :)  It seems so much easier to get home from work knowing what is for dinner rather than wasting 30 mins or so trying to figure it out every night.  What I like even better than the awesome meal plan is using my crock pot!  How sweet it is to come home to a complete and cooked meal...the house smells incredible and we're ready to set the table and eat.  On those nights I feel like I have that much more time to enjoy my munchkins.

Well I am off to my Monday...hope yours is a good one!


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