Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My blogging Debut!

So this is my first blurp in blog world so please be indulgent :)  So I thought I'd start with some great projects that I have in the works...  Our children's playroom is in our finished basement but isn't so finished!  So many projects to do with so little time to actually  complete all of them.  I'm so excited that I am going to have a craft/exercise room in the near future so the children will now have a full size playroom.  This also means that I now have 2 rooms to redecorate and organize.  I have found so many great ideas through pinterest and other blogs that I can't wait to put in place.  I plan on starting with the children's playroom to make it that much more fun :)  The one idea that I have slowly started working on is some great pallet repurposing!  The floor is tile and hardwood but since it's in the basement it's a little cold.  I'm hoping to use 2 pallets, paint them a fun color and make a cushion for the top and voila I should have a great seating area for the children't reading nook.  I plan to make some creative cushions to go atop this wonderful new seating.  Once in the works I'll post some pictures to show my progress.   Have I mentioned how excited I am...  Here is a picture that shows what I want to do but I'll only be using one pallet high.

I'm hoping to do some fun paintings on the walls as well.  I'm thinking there will be a tree painted behind the seating and a lamp post/street sign with two hanging wooden signs.  One will say Reader's Corner and the other one will say Creative Lane. I also want to add some other paintings/stenciling to the walls, but am not quite sure what to do.  I want something that will last for years to come.  For the toy storage, I'm finding a multitude of great items and am still debating which ones to purchase!  Here are a few that I really like...
5-Cube Bookcase & 3-Cube Bench (White)

I'll have to make some drawings to show what I'm looking forward to doing.  I'm sure I'll be tweaking my plan a few more times between now and the end of the project!  I'll also have to come back with all the fun ideas I have for my craft/exercise room! 

Happy Reading.

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