Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pure Joy!

Hope you're all doing well this morning...  Besides the unproductive night I had last night {that's what I get for falling asleep with the kiddos!} all is dandy.  So today I'm back on track and will be tackling the remainder of my walk-in closet project!  YAY!  {don't you hear the happiness in my tone?}  So I will be posting a few pictures of the progress a little later but here are a few things that I have done and others that are in progress.

So I started off organizing my jewelry...which was much needed.  I had a disarray of mismatched cheapo depot jewelry boxes that didn't look so pretty on my shelf!  So in a long term effort to remedy this problem of mine I had found two black jewelry boxes at Walmart that I thought would work.  One was a standing box and the other horizontal...Well they worked but not quite as well as I had originally planned.  So on to Pinterest I went {told you I was hooked} in search for the next bigger and better thing...  Ta Da!  I found the perfect way to organize my necklaces.  I used a pretty black frame, removed the glass, hot glued some flexible cork to the backing, covered this cork board with some very pretty zebra print material and placed some pins.  It has worked incredibly well for me and I love the zebra print.

 Now I needed something to store my chunky bracelets that were too big for my box.  Hadn't found anything that tickled my fancy until I was cleaning out my closet!  I love when I find something I was ready to toss and turn it into something useful.   An old box I had from some facial products has now turned into my bracelet keeper!  Covered this little baby with {yet again} my fancy zebra print material and there you have it.  

Now I just need to figure something out for my earings and I'll be great.  Once that is done, I will be able to get rid of my standing black box.  Anyone interested??? :)  I've seen a few here and there with the chicken wire, the hanging wire and I have to say there's something missing.  My thought is to use a piece of leftover wood from my husband's many projects, cover it with some of the flexible cork and....drum roll...yes, some zebra print material to match the rest of my set!  Put some small nails on one row and then use a hanging wire on the next and alternate that way to create 4 rows.  Then I can  hang my earings off those.


Pretty Bin
Please accept my apologies for the photos.  I will work on their quality I promise :)


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