Monday, August 13, 2012

Another fun yet unproductive weekend!

So I can't report any progress on all of my fun projects just yet! A weekend out of town for my "sudo" sisters wedding makes it totally ok. However this means that I'll have to work extra hard this week to complete at least one of my projects. I'm also a little swamped at work so we'll see how much I can realistically get done. I really wish that I could go on little or no sleep! Seriously...have you ever thought of all you could accomplish during those hours??? I'm constantly thinking that I could actually have the spotless, ultra organized home I dream of oh so often!!! Sweet dreams, unfortunately for me that's all it is! Don't you feel like time is enemy #1, always working against you? I'm always wishing I had more of it ;). Maybe I just need to get better at time management...but I prefer to think that it's the lack of time that is the problem! enough of my whining. Let's talk about some inspiring projects:)  

Ok...well first I thought I could give you a quick update on my "to-do" list I shared with you sometime last week:

1- Paint and reorganize/decorate children's playroom: NOT STARTED
2- Paint my soon to be craft/exercise room and get all organizing things in place (after I figure it all out of course!): NOT STARTED
3- Start Project Life for my 3 children (Saw this on The Sunny Side Up blog and LOVED the idea): NOT STARTED
4- Rearrange/Organize my walk in closet (which is in desperate need of a lift me up): 1/2 WAY THERE!  YAY!!!
5- Put together the art wall for my children's creative concoctions: PURCHASED MATERIALS NEEDED, NEED TO EXECUTE :)
6- Add some finishing touches to our now finished 3 season room.: NOT STARTED
7- Make some picture canvas' for our living room (you know...the ones they show on Pinterest that are so amazing!): NOT STARTED
8- Organize all of my pictures (SOOO Overdue!): 1/2 WAY THERE...
9- Make Cushion for our entrance bench: NOT STARTED
10- Redo the children's Chore Chart: NOT STARTED

Although a little disappointed in all of my not started projects I must say that #1 and #2 are out of my control for now.  I guess I need to look at is as the glass "half full" rather than "half empty"!  Glad I got some of it done :)  I'll keep bringing updates with pictures every Monday from today on...  Let's see what this week will bring.

What would you need to make doing laundry fun???  What a crazy question...would anyone ever qualify doing laundry as "fun"?  Well as daunting as the task is for me, I found a way to make it easier/better I could say.  I don't have a room designated to laundry only.  Our 1/2 bathroom on the main floor has a "closet" space for our washer and dryer.  I have to say the space is quite small and there was no room to fold clothes in there.  I had been looking for a way to make the most of that closet and stop having my clothes (folded and unfolded) hanging out on the living room couch!  So in search for an awesome way to convert this space {if you can call it that} I found a few ideas that made a whole lot of sense and that could make the said "closet" prettier!  So here are the two ideas I found in my search and thought could work in my space:

So off I went to home depot with my measures and had them cut a nice thick piece of wood that I could paint white.  Since the washer and dryer are front loads and that I had the drawers under them I had to first remove the drawers and then I could simply place my wood top of them creating a table.  Worked like a charm!!!  Above my washer and dryer I have a simple metal shelf {closet maid style}.  I found some pretty baskets at Home Goods to store some of my supplies.  I have a few baskets on top of my new folding table as well to hold "lost socks", another for the soaps I use on a daily basis and another for things I find in all pockets!  I will come back a little later with a progress picture.  There's still something that's not quite to my liking and I think it's the shelf.  I'm debating whether to change the wire shelf for a few wood shelves or...replace with top cabinets.  Time will tell.  I have to say that I love being able to fold my clothes on the table top surface.  Not only that but when the phone rings or someone shows up at the door it's much easier to shut the curtains and "hide" my mess of a laundry pile then to have it laying on the couch for all to see.  So I'd love to see what some of you have done to make your restricted laundry areas work for you.

Happy Monday to all of you!

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